When Is It Safe To Work Out After Cosmetic Surgery?

When Is It Safe To Work Out After Cosmetic Surgery?

When is it safe to work out after cosmetic surgery?

Gerald Edds, M.D. on 15 March 2018

Because of a desire to look better and improve one’s body image, many people seeking cosmetic surgery lead an active lifestyle and work out regularly. Because of the variety of cosmetic procedures, the length of down time varies. Here I will discuss when it is safe to work out following various cosmetic surgical procedures.

Breast Augmentation

Because most breast augmentations involve placing implants beneath the chest muscles, patients must allow time for adequate healing before stressing those muscles. Our patients are asked to avoid upper body exercise for the first 4-6 weeks after surgery. However, walking, exercise biking and many ellipticals are permitted after the first week following surgery.

Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty)

An important step in tummy tuck involves suturing the strap muscles (rectus abdominis) of the abdomen toward the midline to improve the abdominal shape as well as function. Working out prior to adequate healing can disrupt these sutures causing trauma to the muscles and possible hemorrhage, as well as a loss of improvement that was gained by the muscle repair. After two weeks, patients may walk or start excise bikes. However, it is important to avoid any activity that strains or exercises the abdominal muscle for 6 weeks following surgery.


Patient may experience significant soreness following liposuction, but may start gradually working into all forms of exercise after one week.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Following facelift and/or eyelid surgery, it is very important to avoid exercise that might increase blood pressure. This could cause bleeding resulting in a hematoma or collection of blood that generally requires a return to surgery for evacuation. It is particularly important in eyelid surgery where bleeding around the eyeball could result in blindness, even bending over while exerting should be avoided. Our patients are asked to refrain from these activities for a month following facial cosmetic surgery.

Please don’t hesitate to discuss your exercise plans with us prior to beginning your workouts. The time guidelines listed here can vary based on your individual recovery.

For questions about working out following cosmetic surgery, or for other questions, call today for your free consultation.

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