In The Media

Over the years, Dr. Edds has been featured in both local and national media stories. Below are some of the most recent stories featuring the doctor:

Dr. Edds and Team Perform Reconstructive Burn Surgeries in Colombia

In May 2011, Dr. Edds, along with a member of his staff, as well as his son, joined a surgical mission to Colombia with the goal of helping reconstructive patients.

Dr. Edds, Dr. Young Kim’s anesthesiologist, and Steven Edds, were part of a 16 member burn team compiled by Healing the Children. In addition to helping patients who had suffered burn traumas, the team also treated patients with cleft lips and palates, hand injuries and various scars.

When performing these types of surgeries, the main goal is usually to restore function to the damaged body part. In the case of a cleft lip and palate, daily tasks like eating and communicating can be difficult. For patients who have suffered burns and have scars, in many cases, the skin may be tightened and will not move naturally, making common tasks nearly impossible.

Over the several days the team spent working in Colombia, they started with what they saw as simpler cases to treat, like scar revision surgeries, but soon saw the difficulty of the cases increase.

One such patient was an infant who was abandoned by his mother when he was born prematurely and with a cleft lip. While at a remote hospital, he also sustained an injury to his right hand. Both of these conditions were corrected by the team and the infant was healing well when the team finished its work.

By the time the team left Colombia, they had performed more than 100 surgeries, correcting burn trauma for 34 patients. Additionally, nearly 50 patients underwent scar revision treatments and the team provided medical advice to local doctors, nurses and therapists.

To read more about Dr. Edds, Dr. Kim and the rest of the team’s work in Colombia, you can download the full article from Surge, the AACS magazine.

Dr. Edds Explains Importance of the Surgical Facility

Dr. Edds recently contributed an editorial to New You magazine’s “Doctor’s Notebook” feature:

“When it comes to cosmetic surgery, being a good consumer can be as tough as negotiating your way through a minefield. Of course, the ultimate goal of all those who seek these procedures is to achieve an excellent result. Never forget, however, that a huge part of achieving that result resolves around safety.”