No Longer A Secret!!!

No Longer A Secret!!!

No Longer A Secret!!!

Women are talking about Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation.

The natural aging process and childbirth result in changes in feminine well-being.  The Phoenix Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) has a 93% satisfaction rate of reclaiming, restoring, and reviving feminine wellness.

  • Painless
  • Easy 10 minute procedure
  • No downtime
  • Increases vaginal moisture
  • Improves incontinence (urinary leakage)
  • Improves apperance of vaginal area
  • Improves sexual pleasure
  • Can treat both the vagina and labia in one session
  • Minimal delay in return to sexual activity
  • Many couples experience a significant improvement immediately.Frequently Asked QuestionsHow does LVR work?

    This FDA approved procedure uses a vaginal probe to deliver fractional CO2 laser pulses to the lining of the vagina, uretheral opening, and the labia. The vaginal and labial tissues shrink and tightness is restored. Sexual function is enhanced and urinary leakage is reduced. When the labia are treated, there is immediate remodeling.

    Does it hurt?

    No. There is minimal to no discomfort with the 10 minute procedure.

    Where is it performed?

    LVR is performed in our minor surgery suit.

    How many Treatments are required?

    Usually 3-4 sessions, 4 weeks apart are needed for optimal improvement.

    What is the satisfaction rate in our practice?

    While we understand that studies show an average of 90% satisfaction rate, every patient treated to this point are either satisfied or highly satisfied.

    Who performs the procedure?

    Two of our Registered Nurses Terri Whittaker R.N.and Christy McCrady R.N. are specially trained and certified in the use of this laser.

    How much does it cost?

    We charge $1,400 for a series of 3 LVR treatments. If an additional treatment is needed, the cost is $550 per treatment. These are the lowest prices for this procedure in the Tri-state.

    How long does the improvement last?

    On average, patients maintain improvement for a year of more. Touch-up treatrments can maintain the improvement.

    For your complementary consultation or questions call:

    Edds Cosmetic Surgery.

    270-926-9033 or 800-820-4833



    “I suffered from severe vaginal dryness after having a hysterectomy at the age of 24. The dryness was so bad it made intimacy with my husband very painful. I heard about the vaginal rejuvenation treatment and have been very pleased. I did the 3 treatments and could tell a difference after the 1st treatment. It has made a big difference and I would highly reccomend it if you are suffering with the same issue.” S.S.

    “I’m 53 years old and have experienced incontinence/dryness for many years. I have undergone 3 LVR (Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation) treatments and have had amazing results, starting with the 1st treatment. Now after 3 treatments I no longer experience leakage and continue to have improvement with dryness. The treatments are painless and only take about 10 minutes. Dr. Edds and his staff are wonderful and put you at ease. LVR has been a life changer for me. I no longer need to wear a pad and sex is no longer painful or uncomfortable. I highly reccomend LVR.” S.F.N.

    “I have just recently completed my 3 treatments for vaginal rejuvination.  I had very minimal discomfort during these procedures and very little afterwards. The nurses that performed this procedure were very professional and strived in every way to make me feel very comfortable.  I could tell a difference immediately after the 1st treatment.  I had a decrease in vaginal dryness, an increase in lubrication, and a decrease in urinary leakage.  After 3 treatments, I have seen such a remarkable improvement with these issues I struggled with. I am very pleased and satisfied with my results, and would not hesistate to have additional treatments if needed. ” S.L.

    “Following a total abdominal hysterectomy at age 27, I used hormone therapy for 5 years. Due to the risks associated with HRT, I stopped using it at age 32. For several years I suffered with vaginal pain and dryness during intercourse. The vaginal rejuvenation procedure has made a world of difference for me! I no longer have pain during intercourse and we dont have to use over the counter lubricants. My husband and I are both very pleased.” J.M.


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