Breast enhancement procedures are a special focus for Drs. Barnes and Edds. We routinely perform cosmetic surgery procedures like breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift. View the following pages for more information.

Breast Augmentation

Women with small, underdeveloped or asymmetrical breasts frequently choose to undergo breast augmentation at our Owensboro surgery practice. This is a safe, effective surgical procedure designed to improve the contour of a woman’s body by implanting saline or silicone implants. Learn More

Breast Augmentation Prices

The price range for breast augmentation is from $5795 to $6795 and depends on the choice by the patient of saline or memory gel implants, and whether financing is used for the surgery. These prices include implants, anesthesia, accredited surgery center, procedure fee and follow up visits.

Breast Lift With or Without Tissue Reduction (mastopexy)

In the past, techniques taught for breast lifts relied on the strength of the skin to maintain the corrected, lifted breast position. This so-called “skin brassiere” frequently stretched back out leaving patient with partial improvement at best. Newer techniques of breast lifting do not rely on skin strength to maintain the new breast position, but rather internal rearrangement of the breast tissue with the creation of “support columns:” to support the breast. Skin strength has become secondary. At times, reducing a volume of excess tissue is needed for a pleasing cosmetic result. This approach yields better and longer-lasting results. The volume of tissue removed can be either very small or quite large, depending on the desire of the patient and what is required for good results. Patients with loss of fullness in the breasts due to childbearing or weight loss can often benefit from breast implants in addition to a breast lift. It is important to note that breast lifts with tissue reduction is a cosmetic procedure. It is not intended to treat medical symptoms related to larger breasts, such as neck and shoulder pain, notching of the shoulders or other medical symptoms . As such, the procedure is purely cosmetic and not covered by health insurance. Learn More

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Crescent Nipple Lift

Some surgeons naively call this a breast lift”. However, not only are the indications for crescent nipple lift somewhat limited, it definitely does not appreciably “lift” the breasts. On the other hand, it is a very useful procedure in those patients with a type 1 breast ptosis (droopiness), where the nipple is at or above the inframammary fold and elevating the nipple to a position closer to the center of the breast mound is aesthetically more pleasing. This is usually combined with the breast augmentation and resulting scar is located at the upper half of the areola. At the final result, the maximum elevation of the nipple, is, at most, about three-quarters of an inch higher. The recovery from the nipple lift is essentially the same as for breast augmentation.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a procedure primarily done to treat medical problems related to overly large breasts, such as shoulder and neck pain, notching of shoulders, chronic irritation beneath the breasts and other medical issues. It is not a purely cosmetic procedure, but one with medical necessity and can be covered by health insurance. We do not perform breast reductions for medical problems, but are happy to refer patients to reconstructive surgeons for this purpose.