Mommy Makeover

Women who have given birth or have gone through breast feeding with their children often choose mommy makeovers at Edds Cosmetic Surgery. When performed by cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Gerald Edds, a mommy makeover can help you reclaim the look of your pre-baby body. A mommy makeover is not one procedure, but a suite of popular surgeries Dr. Edds offers to mothers in his practice.

Who Can Benefit from a Mommy Makeover?

When choosing to undergo a mommy makeover, patients have the option of targeting specific areas of their body, from the breasts to the midsection. The most popular mommy makeover procedures can help to correct:

  • sagging breasts and breasts wth loss of volume
  • loose skin on the thighs
  • excess skin on the stomach
  • small pockets of fat

During your consultation with Dr. Edds, he will get to know you and understand your aesthetic goals. Based on this, he will be able to make an assessment and give recommendations for treatment. Dr. Edds may make temporary markings on your body and explain how the procedures of the mommy makeover can help restore tone and contour to your body.

What Is the Procedure Like?

One of the most popular mommy makeover procedures is the tummy tuck, which is performed to tone loose skin on the abdomen and remove small pockets of fat. This fat can sometimes develop during pregnancy and may be difficult to remove with diet and exercise.

For the tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Edds will make an incision across your lower midsection, where it will he hidden beneath your bikini line. He will lift and separate the surplus skin and tissues, removing the excess. Dr. Edds may also use a thin tube called a cannula to remove fat cells with liposuction. He will then close the incisions with sutures.

In the case of breasts that have lost volume or droop, Dr. Edds offers breast augmentation and breast lifts, which can restore the appearance of youth to your breasts.

In your breast lift, Dr. Edds will make careful incisions around the nipple areola, down to and across the breast crease. He will remove excess skin, lifting the breast and placing the nipple at a higher position. In some cases, Dr. Edds may recommend a breast implant to restore lost breast volume.

During pregnancy, some women gain weight in their lower body, like the thighs and around the lower midsection. In this case, Dr. Edds may recommend a thigh lift

For a thigh lift, Dr. Edds will make easily concealed incisions on the inner thigh. From here, he will remove loose skin and tissues and may use liposuction to remove small fatty deposits.

What Recovery Steps Will I Take?

When you leave your surgery, Dr. Edds will prescribe medication to help you manage any discomfort. You will need transportation as well as help around the home for a few days as you heal. It is not uncommon to experience some swelling during this time. To control swelling, Dr. Edds will ask you to limit your activity, though you will be expected to walk with caution soon after surgery. The application of an ice pack can also help calm swelling.

As you heal, you will be able to resume much of your normal routine, though you will need to take caution when bending or lifting things, such as your child. Several weeks after surgery, you can resume your exercise regimen, as dictated by Dr. Edds.

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