Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon

With billboards, radio and television advertising becoming commonplace, potential cosmetic surgery patients are inundated

with all sorts of claims.  However, a recent study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, confirmed that

experience is the single most important factor in choosing a cosmetic surgeon (35.6%).  Method of referral (21.5%),

travel time (14.2%), and cost of procedure (12.9%) also being considerations.  With over thirty years of performing cosmetic

surgery, Dr. Edds is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in the country.  For example, he has performed over

4000 cosmetic breast procedures.  Dr. Edds’ most common referral source is from happy former patients.

Here are additional things you should consider as you choose your cosmetic surgeon:

1. You should choose a doctor based on the doctor’s education, training and proven competence with respect to the specific procedure you are considering.

2. You should become informed regarding how often the doctor performs the procedure and whether the doctor has had claims against him or her with respect to the procedure or any other cosmetic procedure.

3. You should review before-and-after photographs of other patients who have had the same procedure performed by the doctor you are considering.

4. If possible, you should also speak with other patients who have had the procedure performed by the doctor you are considering.

Cosmetic surgery is performed in various facilities, such as hospitals, surgical centers and office settings.  An

accredited surgical facility must meet certain minimum standards to obtain and maintain its accreditation.  Some certifying

organizations include the Joint Commission (formerly “JCAHO”), the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care

(“AAAHC”), and the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (“AAAASF”).  Dr. Edds’ surgery

center has been accredited by the AAAHC for over twenty years.

Experience matters!   Call Dr. Edds today for your free consultation.   See why he is the tri-state’s choice in cosmetic

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Dr. Edds recently contributed an editorial to New You magazine’s “Doctor’s Notebook” feature:

“When it comes to cosmetic surgery, being a good consumer can be as tough as negotiating your way through a minefield. Of course, the ultimate goal of all those who seek these procedures is to achieve an excellent result. Never forget, however, that a huge part of achieving that result resolves around safety.”