Beat the clock at any age…here’s how

Beat the clock at any age…here’s how

Beat the clock at any age…here’s how


This summer, get the right treatment at the right time to let your beauty shine. Dr. Edds can implement the latest advances in skin care, non-surgical alternatives, and surgical options—all tailored to your stage in life—to help you exude a youthful, confident glow.


Developments in aesthetic technology are prompting millennials to choose cosmetic treatments as a preventative measure. They are highly influenced by their own reflections in selfies on social media and are not afraid to take action with filler injections and resurfacing treatments. A recent survey released by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery states that 55 percent of surgeons saw patients who wanted to look better in selfies as a motivation for treatment; this is up 13 percent from the previous year.

While those in their 20s are eagerly seeking treatments, their priority still remains to look natural while postponing the signs of aging. You won’t see extreme fixes or procedures in this age group.

Thirties to fifties

For those in their 30s to 50s, sun protection, and a focus on healthy sleep, exercise, and diet habits, are a priority. Women start investing into subtle injectable treatments in their 30s to age more favorably. In their 40s and 50s, the texture and tone of the skin changes as pores become more enlarged and skin appears duller. Cell renewal, collagen production, and exfoliation are not as quick as it once was.

Minimally invasive treatments—chemical peels and laser resurfacing—are popular and customized based on skin type, history of sun damage, and desired results.

Sixties and above

As the 60s approach, eyelid procedures tend to take precedence. A full 73 percent of facial plastic surgeons report an increase in eyelid procedures to look less tired. One of the many factors of aging is volume loss in key areas such as the temples, tear troughs, and upper eyelid between the brow and creases. Facial plastic surgeons often assess where to remove sagging skin and tissue, and where to add volume—or a combination of both.

As the toll of gravity becomes more apparent, a facelift may be a good option. The lower two-thirds of the face is revitalized, repositioning and tightening underlying muscle and tissue, and removing excess skin.

During this decade, patients seek to match their outer visage to reflect their inner health, vitality, and youthfulness.

Regardless of your age, be proactive in choosing a healthy lifestyle. Focus on getting enough sleep, exercising, eating healthfully, and maintaining good personal relationships with others. In addition, trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon. Meet with Dr. Edds to see how you can take steps to feel amazing and look ageless for years to come.