Face and Necklifts of the Tri-State

Face and Necklifts of the Tri-State

Achieving natural, long-lasting and pleasing results in face and neck rejuvenation requires several critical ingredients. An accurate analysis of each patient’s problem, combined with a keen aesthetic sense are vital, and the lack of these can lead to surgical disasters such as seen on the popular TV series “Botched”, where extreme examples of surgical misadventures are seen each week. Realistic expectations by the patient are other key ingredients. Unrealistic goals often lead to unhappy patients and can lure inexperienced surgeons into the trap of complying with bad requests. It would be hard to overstate the importance of an experienced surgeon. The vast differences in the anatomy of the aging face preclude using a “cookbook” approach to cosmetic facial surgery. The more experienced the surgeon, the more predictable are the results for the patient. Looking at the pre and postoperative photographs of our patients, one can see a variety of problems, including weak chins, fatty necks, muscle banding in the neck, loss of fullness, wrinkles and other issues. The goal is a nice improvement without the pulled, drawn look so often seen as a result of poor facial surgery. In general, a good facelift should give an 8-10 year improvement.


Patients who have had poor results from previous cosmetic facial surgery are often candidates for revision facial surgery. One example if this 60-year-old female who had a “facelift” 11 months prior to these photographs in a nearby city.


On examination she had a frowny, almost angry appearance, as well as laxity of the jawline, poor definition of the chin-neck angle and banding of the neck muscles. Her surgery consisted of a browlift, eyelid lift and a total revision of her facelift with particular attention to the neck. With an accurate analysis of the underlying problems, a good aesthetic improvement can be obtained.

Dr. Edds is the only cosmetic surgeon in the Tri-State who is triple board-certified and has over 30 years experience performing cosmetic facial surgery. Put that experience to work for you by calling for your complimentary consultation. See the difference that experience can make. (270) 926-9033 or (800) 820-4833.

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