Weekend Facelift

An unprecedented advancement in cosmetic surgery can eliminate a sagging face, jowls and neck with a procedure that allows most patients to be back at work looking totally natural in just days. As featured on the network television show 20/20 and segments for CBS news with Dr. Michael Brein as well as Fox TV News, a startling new procedure promises to turn back the proverbial clock to create a sleeker, more youthful face, neck and jawline.

In the past, the only way to achieve a more youthful face was to have a traditional facelift consisting of large incisions and a great deal of down time. Using a combination of tumescent liposculpture and CO2 laser to sculpt and redefine the neck and lower face through a minimal one inch incision, Dr. Edds can create some of the effect of a facelift with a procedure that is much less invasive.

A well-defined jawline and a sleek, long neck are hallmarks of a younger appearance. The effects of gravity tend to loosen the muscles under the chin and jawline over time, and pull down the structures of the face. Increased fat deposits in the neck and jowl area produce a tired, haggard look and can cause people to appear heavier and older than they really are. For some, it is genetically predetermined and appears in youth as well as with the aging process.

Liposculpture of the neck and lower face, combined with a laser procedure to tighten the skin and muscles under the jawline, can help patients regain a sleeker, more youthful appearance. Many patients appear thinner after the Weekend Facelift because the fullness in the jowls and the neck is markedly decreased. Performed as a comfortable outpatient procedure, many patients who undergo the Weekend Facelift on a Thursday or Friday can be back to work on Monday. Recovery is rapid, and any visible signs quickly become virtually invisible. In many cases, a chin implant is added to dramatically improve the results of the Weekend Facelift.

If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, please call our office at (270) 926-9033 and we will be happy to answer questions about the procedure itself or about procedure cost and financing.