Listen to Dr. Edds for Top Five Recommendations

Listen to Dr. Edds for Top Five Recommendations

Dr. Edds wants to provide you with the best possible care and to ensure you are satisfied with your treatment results. Consider the following recommendations to do your part in making your experience a successful one.

Do your homework

Educate yourself on options; this will help you feel more comfortable and prepared when you meet with Dr. Edds and his staff. If you are researching on the Internet, be sure to consult authoritative sources, e.g., your surgeon’s Web site and high-quality, academic treatment-center sites. Avoid links that advertisers paid for or product sites that are designed to guide you to a specific treatment. If you find information online that you want to discuss with Dr. Edds, bring it to your next appointment.

Be realistic

Prepare for an individualized treatment plan. What works on one celebrity or friend, may not work on everyone. Be open to discuss what treatment is right for you. The best plan is customized to meet your needs and bring about the best possible outcome, taking into consideration your features, concerns, and goals.

Be honest

You may be hesitant to own up to bad habits or sometimes sugar-coat nagging symptoms. This is not necessary; keep in mind that your cosmetic surgeon is your confidential partner in your care. It is important to have all of the information available to help you make smart decisions regarding treatment and procedures. Be open about tobacco use, alcohol, exercise, nutrition, over-the-counter drugs, herbal products, and vitamins and supplements.

Take charge of your health

All the medicine and newest technologies in the world cannot compensate for an unhealthy lifestyle. Optimize your health before treatment. Eat healthfully and exercise to get your body into the best shape before your procedure.      This will keep sickness at bay, make recovery smoother, and speed the healing process.

Follow instructions

The best guidelines are the ones you will actually follow. When discussing your pre- and post-operative instructions with your surgeon, only agree to what you are truly going to do. This will allow Dr. Edds the opportunity to discuss different options or ease your concerns about the recommendations. For example, preoperatively, your instructions may include to quit smoking, arrange for family or friend assistance, fill prescriptions, and discontinue herbal medications.  Postoperatively, you will be asked to keep all follow-up appointments, take prescribed medicine as directed, and care for the treated area. Dr. Edds and his staff will provide additional directions specific to your treatment or procedure?and you should follow them exactly.

You and your cosmetic surgeon are a team. Do your share by being informed, practical, open, responsible, and compliant. The result will be a positive event with optimal care and results.


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