The quest for the “best deal” in cosmetic surgery can have fatal consequences.  The internet is packed with advertisements for cheap cosmetic surgery in third-world countries.  These ads often have “testimonials” from supposed patients, who say they have had successful cosmetic surgery in other countries at a fraction of the costs customary in the United States.  Beverly Brignoni was a vibrant, young mother of a four year old daughter, who wanted a less expensive way to enhance her appearance.  The 28 year old died February 22, after having liposuction and a tummy tuck in the Dominican Republic.   The facility where her procedures were performed has since been temporarily closed by the Health Ministry, because of the presence of bacteria and violations of bio-sanitary regulations.  The booming medical tourism business of cosmetic surgery has resulted in the United States State Department posting warnings against travel to the Dominican Republic, noting that in several cases. U. S. citizens have suffered severe complications or died.  The U. S. Center for Disease Control issued an alert March 7 after health authorities in the United States reported that at least nineteen women in five states had developed serious mycobacterial wound infections over the previous twelve months following cosmetic procedures in the Dominican Republic, such as liposuction, tummy tucks and breast implants.

Much like countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Thailand, the Dominican Republic has promoted itself as a destination for medical tourism.  So-called because people will often tack on a few days at a resort after undergoing surgery.  Undoubtedly, many people will continued to be seduced by the allure of cheap cosmetic surgery, but the adage “buyer beware” should be an important, possibly life saving consideration.

With over thirty years of experience performing cosmetic surgery, Dr. Edds is a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon.  He performs cosmetic surgery in a fully accredited and equipped surgical facility, always keeping patient safety at the forefront.  Dr. Edds has full privileges in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital and at the Owensboro Surgery Center.  Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation and see why Dr. Edds is the tri-states’s choice for cosmetic surgery

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