Stigma wanes for aesthetic enhancement

Stigma wanes for aesthetic enhancement

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An increased realization of the positive effect that cosmetic enhancement can have on a person’s life has led to patients being more open about their cosmetic surgery choices. Even patients who prefer to maintain their privacy, often report that this growing acceptance of cosmetic enhancements allows them to feel as though they are not being judged, but instead taking a positive step in their life.

The improving economy, increased self-awareness, and availability of information has lowered the barrier of entry for many consumers and removed the fear of besmirchment.

People that have extra money to spend are ready to invest it in their career. In a survey of facial plastic surgeons, 58 percent of surgeons stated that remaining competitive in the workplace was an important driver in the decision to have surgery.

Social media plays a role in increasing awareness. As people see themselves on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, they are more cognizant of their appearance and often state dissatisfaction with their profile (nose, chin, neck). Cosmetic surgeons have seen an increase since 2013 of clients requesting surgery based on the desire to look better in selfies.

Video clips are becoming popular, highlighting those dynamic wrinkles that occur when you are talking and laughing. Patients are seeking injections?Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin?to reduce the appearance of these wrinkles.

Celebrities are no longer shy about sharing their enhancements, reasoning behind it, and pleasure with the improvements. These public announcements have many consumers thinking that they too should have surgery. Patients aren’t shy about coming in with specific celebrity feature requests, including Angelina Jolie’s lips and cheekbones, Beyoncé’s facial structure, Kim Kardashian’s eyes and jawline, Brad Pitt’s nose, and Natalie Portman’s nose.


The fear of the unknown has been greatly reduced. The shear amount of information available through your doctor and the Internet has allowed the consumer to become much more educated and well-informed. Surgeons are no longer surprised when patients come in asking for the latest technological advances or products.

With more information about options, patients are also blurring the lines between cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Someone may come in for nose surgery to improve breathing and also desire a cosmetic benefit to correct a bump or other concern. Additionally, they are aware of combining procedures to maximize budget, recovery, and results.

Consumers want to feel good about themselves. It is acceptable to self-advocate for a happier, healthier, and self-confident person. There is no reason to hide this. Dr. Edds can help you determine which treatments or procedures are right for you without worry or guilt.

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